Have you ever watched a documentary where they interviewed a foreigner who was being dubbed because he or she clearly didn’t speak a single word of English?

Well, perhaps you may have also noticed that in some occasions, the voice-over actor dubbing that same foreigner, is someone who is obviously fluent in English, yet speaking in this broken-English with a fake-heavy accent.

The purpose of this accent? I guess it’s to bring back some authenticity or credibility to that person. But why the broken English?  Why does this person has to sound… well, dumb? I have serious doubts that this same foreigner wasn’t fluent in his or her native language.

So why? Why does the voice-over actor has to sound as if he or she is from the same presumable region as the person being interviewed to begin with? An actress dubbing another woman should be enough- we would get it. For example, there is just no need for an American born-and-raised actress with Chinese parents to act out a harsh, Chinese accent just to bring to life an Asian witness of some event, for 10 seconds, to tell her story.

Film and Cinema, especially in Documanteries are often filled with these sorts of shanenigans. Don’t agree with me just yet? How about this?

Why is every film about history, fiction or non-fiction, acted out or voiced-over by a British actor or an actor who has a good British accent? The British accent is surely older than the American accent, but why do we accept British actors to be well suited to act out people from ancient Egypt? Why is every Jesus in American-Cinema White, when we all know that he should look more Arabian than White? God, we can go on-and-on about this, but “I THIENK YOU GET DA POIND”.

Let me know if I am the only one who has thought about this. I highly doubt it.