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Here at Movie Correlations I want explore the wonderful art of American Cinema and everything that is relatable to it. It is in my opinion that American Cinema is the greatest platform of film and is the sole reason why I developed this passion for film and cinema in the first place.

No other field of film or style has captivated me so much as that of American Cinema. From the Classical Hollywood Cinema, to the revolution of American Cinema in the late 60’s and 70’s, all the way down to the films that were produced for my generation and beyond- each and every decade has brought along films that still mesmerize me every single time I watch them.

I’m currently enrolled into a Cinema Studies program at my local community college, so I do have some basic knowledge on film and film history. This obviously does NOT make me a film expert, nor will this mean that everything I will express or explore throughout my blogs may be constructed on concrete facts and hard evidence- on the contrary- I may totally miss the point here and there or misinterpret some things, but that’s totally fine, I’m still a student after all! Therefore I encourage you to utilize those beautiful comment boxes and hopefully give me some great feedback and share your opinion with me and other readers.

So please, enjoy the reads and participate. We can be both objectively and subjectively, as long as you are mindful and respectful at all times.